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December 01, 2015


HydroSwage®, the original hydraulic tube expansion equipment, is taking a leap forward in the hydroforming industry.HydroSwage® International LLC is now the proud Worldwide HydroSwage® Manufacturer, Sales, and Service provider for all of your current and future needs for HydroSwage® as well as anything involved with Hydraulic Tube Expansion. HydroSwage® International LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Specialty Tool & Supply, Inc. (STS), a Texas Corporation which has been comprehensively involved in Hydraulic Tube Expansion since its conception in 1983 which is around the time the HydroSwage® was introduced into the commercial marketplace in the United States...



November 30, 2015


HydroSwage® official announcement letter...






In 1975 the first system was developed for the hydraulic swaging of tubes for
nuclear steam generators. 1980 Began with a series of major technical breakthroughs which gave rise to the first successful commercial method for hydraulically expanding tubes, the HydroSwage® system.

HydroSwage® products are designed and manufactured for use in a wide variety of markets including: Power Generation, Petrochemical, Paper Mills, Pharmaceuticals, Heating and Air conditioning, Sanitary Units, Package and Stationary Boilers, and Hydroforming, just to name a few.                                             

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HydroSwage® Hydraulic Tube Expansion Equipment


HydroSwage® International, LLC offers equipment designed for hydraulic expansion of heat exchanger tubes into tube sheets through the direct application of high internal hydraulic pressure. This equipment constitutes the HydroSwage® product line.



Hydraulic Tube Expansion Machine
Heat Exchanger Tubes

Hydraulic Tube Expansion & Heat Exchanger Sleeving


HydroSwage® International, LLC is the industry standard in hydraulic expansion (HydroSwaging). HydroSwaging is the method used to expand heat exchanger tubes using direct uniform hydraulic pressure to expand the tube, forming it into the tubesheet joint. This process is also used in Strain Control Sleeving where an insert, or ferrule, is installed into the parent tube over the damaged area and hydraulically expanded to maintain full contact with the parent tube and to seal the problem areas resulting in extended life of the exchanger along with substantial  cost savings. HydroSwage® International, LLC provides hydraulic expansion technology services globally.


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