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The Mark V HydroSwage® system features an electronically controlled, air driven hydraulic system which includes a high pressure intensifier producing pressures to 50,000 psi (3445 bar).


The control panel allows set up and monitoring of all tooling functions through a digital touch screen and is configured to allow Tube-Loc™ and Swage functions to be performed simultaneously by two operators.


The Mark V is housed in a sturdy metal cabinet with heavy duty industrial casters for portability. The touch screen stores expansion history available for download to Excel through a USB port. In addition, analog connections are provided to accommodate chart recorders and computers (optional equipment) for permanent QC records.


Connected to the intensifier by a 20 ft. (6m) long high pressure flexible tube (other lengths available) the Mark V mandrel holder gives the operator complete control of the swaging cycle. The operator button initiates the sequence of pre-fill, high pressure swage and dwell. The electronic transducer senses the pressure within the tube and displays it on the touch screen. The signal lights (yellow for run, green for completed cycle and red for incomplete cycle), advise the operator of swaging status.

Mark V Hydroswage® System

Mark V System
Mandrel Holder with Expansion Mandrel
Mark V Diagram
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