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Our Policies


At HydroSwage® International, our Quality and EH&S policies are governed by an Integrated Management System (IMS).  We are committed to support the integrated management policy system by ensuring:


  • Compliance with all applicable regulatory, statutory, customer, corporate and other requirements.

  • All of our employees are responsible and accountable for the quality of their work.

  • Prevention of pollution to eliminate or minimize harmful effects on the environment.

  • Elimination or control of health and safety hazards/risks in our work environment.

  • Continual improvement through the establishment of effective objectives and targets.

  • Involvement of employees at all company levels to assist in the implementation and improvement of our IMS.

  • Demanding that our suppliers share in this commitment

  • Ensuring that this Policy is understood by all company employees


EH & S Policy


HydroSwage® International is committed to the implementation of an environmental, health, and safety management system that will minimize or eliminate our environmental impacts and health and safety risks. HydroSwage® will reduce waste, prevent pollution and protect the health and safety of our employees by committing to the following:


  • Compliance with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations.

  • Continual improvement through the establishment of effective objectives and targets.

  • Involving employees at all levels in implementation and enforcement of the management system.

  • Providing effective and relevant training to all employees and contractors


Our Core Values & Customer Intimacy


Our best customer relationships are built upon mutual trust, candid dialogue and multi-level relationships. We will listen to their requirements and anticipate their needs. We will continually work to exceed their expectations. We seek to streamline operations to deliver the quality our customers demand.


Flawless Execution


We cultivate continuous improvement and reward measurable results. As a company and as individuals, we take responsibility for the quality of everything we do. We share best practices and solve problems for our internal and external customers. And we recognize that our suppliers are an integral part of the value chain that produces and delivers excellence.


Corporate Citizenship


As a member of the communities where we work and live, we are committed to protecting our environment. We support employees who are locally involved through volunteerism. Being a strong steward in our communities isn’t just a good thing to do – it’s the right thing to do.


Employee Well Being


Our people are our greatest resource. A safe workplace is our number one priority. Providing a health-improving work environment for our employees is critical to our success. We desire a culture that rewards innovation, performance, wellness and results. We maintain an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation to compete successfully in the marketplace.


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