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HydroSwage® Tools and Accessories

Hydroswage® Expanding Mandrels

Designed to provide one step high pressure swage regardless of the tube-sheet thickness, HydroSwage® expanding mandrels feature a patented segmented seal support system which enables the HydroSwage® System to develop and hold high pressures with minimal seal extrusion.

Mandrels are available in .5 mm increments (diameter) and in adjustable lengths which permit exact expansion zone settings. The expansion zone of any mandrel can be tightly controlled assuring full depth tube-sheet expansion thus minimizing crevice exposure.


Hydrotest Tools; 42330 1”, 44183 1-1/2” & 44579 2”

Hydrotest tools with elastic hoses, gauges, and shutoff valves quickly connect and disconnect from 43244 air driven and hand operated Pump Power Supply. They provide a quick and efficient means of hydrotesting boiler tubes from inside the boiler. The hydrotest tool with an o-ring sealing at the tube I.D. is locked into the tube I.D. and a collar-mounted seal is advanced to the drum inner wall. The isolated chamber between drum face and tube O.D. is pressurized with the hand operated/air driven pump. The pressurized volume is locked in the elastic hose and joint leakage evaluated by gauge bleed down characteristics.

Tube-Loc™ Drawbar Assembly

The Tube-Loc™ Drawbar Assembly quickly positions and sets the tube sheet creating uniform tube end protrusions, and preventing the tube from moving during welding and swage operations.

The Tube-Loc™ Drawbar operates from the Mark V and ES-675 Power Consoles or from its own dedicated Tube-Loc™ Power Supply (42380).


Tube-Loc™ Power Supply

Designed to fit through a 12” x 16” (30 x 40 cm) elliptical marine boiler manway, this system offers the greatest flexibility when using Tube-Loc™ tools. All electrical controls on the power supply are transformed from 115vac and 220vac for optimum operator safety. To assure reliable performance, the Tube-Loc™ Power Supply uses the same hydraulic pump found in HydroSwage® Power Consoles, and specifically designed to operate all Tube-Loc™ Pull Cylinders.

Expanding Mandrels
Hydrotest Power Supply
with Hydrotest Tool
Tube-Loc Drawbar with Pull Cylinder
Tube-Loc Drawbar with Pull Cylinder
Tube-Loc Power Supply
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