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ES700 HydroSwage® System

ES700 BASIC.jpg
ES700 Mandrel Holder p n g.png


  • Sturdy, Compact Design for Enhanced Mobility & Durability.

  • UNIQUE only to HydroSwageâ is the patented “Intensifier”

  • Interchangeable Tooling between the ES700 & the Mark V

  • Lightweight and flexible Mandrel Holder operates with ease

  • Convenient storage compartment

  • Color Touch Screen PLC Control

  • Tube-Loc™ capable

THE ES700 HydroSwageâ system is the most cost-effective hydraulic tube expansion system of the HydroSwageâ product line by continuously offering  outstanding and unparalleled performance.


Hydraulic Expansion is the direct application of high internal hydraulic pressure within a tube in order to form a tight joint between the tube and tube sheet.  This pressure or expansive force is accurately set, maintained & controlled through the HMI for accurate and repeatable results.


The ES700 HydroSwageâ  is a touch screen PLC controlled, air driven hydraulic system with a high-pressure intensifier capable of producing pressures to 60,000 psi (4137 Bar).  The ES700 HydroSwageâ  uses distilled water which is stored in a conveniently placed 2 U.S. gallon (7.6L) internal reservoir.


A clearly labeled, extremely “user friendly” control panel contains all readouts and tooling connections, along with a “goof proof” color touch screen PLC with separate adjustments for the prefill and swage dwell times.


Tube-Loc™ pull cylinder and mandrel holder can be used separately but not simultaneously from the same power supply.  Mounted on 4 heavy-duty wheels, the mobile power supply case is made of .075” (1.9mm) thick steel.  System repeatability is better than ± 1000 psi (69 Bar).


Standard umbilical length is 20 feet (6 m) with 20-foot extensions available up a maximum of 100 ft. (30 m) allowing remote operation from the power supply.

ES700 HydroSwage Machine
ES700 Mandrel Holder 
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